KEF V300 Ultra Slim

  • Brand: KEF
  • Product Code: KEF V300 Ultra Slim
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  • Price: Rp13,500,000

With an unrivalled record of design innovation and countless awards to prove it, KEF has led the home entertainment revolution from the start - and in the ultra-slim new V300, you'll hear what a difference advanced technology can make from the moment you switch on.

A pair of KEF's patented ultra-low profile high performance bass drivers on each side of your TV delivers startlingly clear, assertive and accurate bass/mid-range response.

KEF's famously natural-sounding aluminium dome tweeter assures flawless vocals. It's vented to eliminate distortion, even played loud, and by distributing the output evenly across a wider angle, the "tangerine" wave-guide allows the whole family to enjoy the same sound quality, wherever they sit.

With integral digital amplifiers, you don't need another amp or AV receiver to enjoy true hi-fi sound. Set-up is easy, and everything can be controlled by your existing TV remote.

Just 35 mm (1.4 in.) thick - the elegantly minimalist V300 speakers are styled to blend unobtrusively with your screen.

Whether your screen is on the wall or standing on a console, V300 speakers have the mounting options to match. They look good on the wall next to the screen, on any flat surface using the discreet desk stands included, or on the floor with the optional floor stands.

At only 24 mm (0.9 in.) deep, the low profile activation module is also slim enough to mount on the back of your TV, on your TV console or in-wall (using the optional mounting kit).

The switchable EQ modes feature on the back of the activation module, and together with KEF's ingenious Selecta-mount' system designed for the optional floor stands, they allow you to optimise the bass response and sound balance according to your speakers' placement, whether freestanding or mounted against the wall.

Everything about the new V Series is designed to make life easier as well as more pleasurable - and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

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