QED SCREWLOC 6-10mm Gold Plated Spade

  • Brand: QED
  • Product Code: QED SCREWLOC 6-10mm Gold Plated Spade
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Price: Rp1,025,000

The QED screwloc 6-10mm spade plugs are the ideal finishing connection to ensure you get the best from your speaker cable. Designed for use where speed and convenience are the paramount concern, these connectors make the most of the Screwloc style termination providing a twin conductor clamp to suit cable diameters up to 3.25mm.

Both the banana plugs and spades are made of brass which has roughly twice the resistivity of copper. For this reason the plug was devised so that its cross-sectional area would be at least double that of the cable to which it was connected effectively cancelling out the extra resistance of the plug material. QED then plates the connector with high purity gold which has a resistivity almost as low as copper but more importantly does not oxidise in air.

Tick 24k Gold Plated
Tick 6-10mm spades
Tick Cable diameters up to 3.25mm

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