SVS PB13 Ultra Black Gloss Subwoofer

  • Brand: SVS
  • Product Code: SVS PB13 Ultra Black Gloss Subwoofer
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  • Price: Rp35,000,000

Deskripsi SVS PB 13 Ultra Black Gloss Subwoofer

PB13-Ultra Subwoofer

Extreme low frequency impact down to 14 Hz with astonishing control and clarity. The robust 13.5" Ultra driver and 1,000 watts RMS, 3,600 watts peak Sledge STA-1000D DSP amplifier combine with a precisely tuned ported cabinet design to create a legend among serious home theater subwoofer and bass fans.

Introducing the PB13-ULTRA

PB13-Ultra - The Ultimate Expression in Sheer Power
Our flagship ported subwoofer the PB13-Ultra commands respect. At 155lbs it is physically imposing and monstrously powerful. Yet musical nuance and refined character are what truly earned its stripes. When sheer impact is what counts, the PB13-Ultra delivers its music and movie payload B52 bomber-style with strategic precision, subterranean extension, and jaw dropping slam and impact. When the score calls for sound in a supporting role, the PB13-Ultra is deft, and gentleperfect in its part. This unmatched combination of power and poise will delight the discriminating audiophile and hard-core home theater enthusiast alike.

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